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Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment Rentals

Big Island Equipment Rental in Keaau

Puna Islandwide Rentals, LLC offers an impressive selection of light and heavy-duty equipment and construction equipment for rent on the big island of Hawaii. We are conveniently located in Keaau, HI. Our product line includes everything from small power tools to lawn & garden equipment, air compressors, generators, and heavy equipment.

When you need to rent equipment, we know that you want: Quality, Service, and Value. When you deal with Puna Islandwide Rentals, you will receive exactly what you want each time that you rent from us. We value you as a customer and as a person.

All rentals from Puna Islandwide Rentals are rented out for a FULL 24-hour rental period! There is no need to rush around to return your equipment before closing time.

Trucks, Hitches, ATVs, Lifts, Backhoes & Excavators for Rent

We have a selection of box and refrigerated (reefer) trucks available for rent, as well as trailer hitches, tow bars, ATVs and utility vehicles. Our available stock includes:

Box and refrigerated trucks are available for rental from Puna Islandwide Rental in Keaau, HI

    Trucks, Hitches, & Tow Bars

  • Box & Refrigerated (Reefer) Trucks
  • 2” Trailer Hitch Set Up
  • Tow Bar, 2’ Coupler 5000lb

    ATVs & Utility Vehicles

  • ATV Polaris 4×4 (2 Seater)
  • ATV Polaris 4×4 (4 Seater)
  • Utility Vehicle (Toro Workman) 3300 D

Our available lifts and lift accessories include:

  • Boom Lift, SJ46
  • Fork Attachment for Bobcat
  • Hammer Attachment for Bobcat S185
  • Forklift
  • Forklift 4×4
  • Lift, Genie 24’ 400#
  • Lift, Genie 8’
    W/Ladder 400#
  • Lift, Panel 11’ Reach
  • Lift, Panel 11-15’ Reach
    (Chain Drive)
  • Lift, Platform (Elect) 19’h/32”W
  • Lift, Platform (Elect) 26’h/32”W
  • Lift, Platform (Diesel) 32’h/68”W
Backhoes and excavators are available for rental from Puna Islandwide Rental in Keaau, HI

    Backhoes & Excavators

  • Backhoe, Cat 4016
  • Excavator, Mini Compact E26 Bobcat
  • Skidsteer, Bobcat S130
  • Skidsteer, Bobcat S185
  • Gradall, Reach 31’ Lift 45’ Cap. 9000# & 10,000# Dio
  • Gradall, 534d10 45’ Reach

Breakers, Hammers, Drills, Jacks & Hoists for Rent

At Puna Islandwide Rentals, LLC, we have the following breakers, hammers, drills, jacks, and hoists for rent:

    Breaker Equipment

  • Breaker (Electric Makita 60 lb.)
  • Breaker (Hydraulic)
  • Breaker (Pneumatic 60#)
  • Breaker (Pneumatic 90#)
  • Buster (Rivet Pneumatic 30#)

    Hammer Equipment

  • Hammer (Attachment for Bobcat S185)
  • Hammer (Demo Electric 1500 lb.)
  • Hammer (Demo 900 lb.)
  • Hammer (Rotor)
  • Drill (Combihammer ¼“- 1 ¼“ – Te-5)

Our available lifts and lift accessories include:

  • Drill (Diamond Core 1 ¼ “-6”)
  • Drill (Right Angle ½“)
  • Drill (Rock 55#)
  • Drill (Rock Hydraulic)
  • Drill (Rotor Hammer Te-6a)
  • Drill (Rotor Hammer Te-2a)
  • Drill (Rotor Hammer
    3/16” – 3/4” Te-2)
  • Bit (Rock Drill 1 ½”)
  • Bit (Rock Drill 2”)
  • Bit (Rock Drill 2 ½”)
  • Bit (Rock Drill 3”)
  • Shank (Rock Drill 2’)
  • Shank (Rock Drill R32 Thread)
Rotor hammers and other tools are available for rental from Puna Islandwide Rental in Keaau, HI Rent air compressors and pneumatic tools from Puna Islandwide Rentals in Keaau, HI

    Jack Equipment

  • Jack (Bottle 20 Ton)
  • Jack (Floor 2 ¼ Ton)
  • Jack (Pallet 5500 lb.)
  • Jack (Pallet 5000 lb.)
  • Jack (Screw 50 Ton)
  • Jack (Screw 25 Ton)
  • Jack (Transmission ½ Ton)
  • Jack Stand (3-Ton Automotive)

    Hoist Equipment

  • Hoist (Engine 1500lb 8’4” Lift)
  • Hoist (Winch ½ Ton Cable)
  • Hoist (Winch 1 ½ Ton Cable)
  • Hoist (Winch 2 Ton (Cable)
  • Hoist (Winch 3 Ton Chain)
  • Stand (Engine)

Cement Mixers, Compactors, and Floor Strippers for Rent

Puna Islandwide Rentals, LLC has floor strippers available for rent, as well. We also have the following cement mixers and compactors available for rent:

Mixers & Compactors

  • Mixer, Cement 1 Bag Towable
  • Mixer, Cement ¾ Bag Electric Towable
  • Roller, Vibratory Compaction (3,100 lb.)
  • Compactor, Plate 21’ Vibratory
  • Compactor, Rammer (Whacker)

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